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This useful resource is already filled in with all the major televised sports events including the FIFA World Cup 2022, as well as other significant national events such as the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Attaching this to a wall in your office or staff area will not only help you be organised, ready to decorate and make other arrangements for guests watching these events at your premises, but also to prepare any temporary event notices or licence variations you might need.

The calendar is A1 size and will be delivered in a tube, meaning there will be no fold lines across the dates.

Fill in the form below to request your calendar.

What is the future for cumulative impact policies?

As authorities have restricted permissions throughout the pandemic, how can licence holders hope to extend their opening hours going forward?


Testing extended trading hours at a licensed premises

Our Licensing team advises on how to open longer without applying for a new premises licence.


Temporary event notices quick guide

This free download gives you an easy-to-understand overview of applying for temporary event notices.


Broadcasting live sport in licensed premises

Broadcasting live sport can be a great income boost for pubs and bars and an opportunity to maximise sales by getting more customers through the door. However, it is crucial that you have the correct commercial subscriptions in place to avoid prosecutions.


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