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Education Update
Over the summer period, we have been busy preparing some toolkits which we think you will find useful when handling grievances or recruiting apprentices. Download the grievance toolkit
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Flint Bishop to Present at FASNA Multi Academy Trust Forums
Flint Bishop LLP are due to speak on a FASNA panel forum, focused on conversion, joining, forming and growing a MAT, both in Leicester on
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Calculating Strike Pay
  How much pay should an employer deduct when staff lawfully strike  for one day? In the recent Supreme Court decision of Hartley v King
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What to expect in 2017
  As the new term starts and the school plays and Christmas fairs of last term become a distant memory, we take look ahead to
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Frameworks: How to contract effectively
  The pressure on schools to deliver value for money across the range of goods and services that they procure have never been greater. In
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Dress Codes at Work
  Employers today rarely go out of their way to discriminate against employees but, in an age where ‘looks’ can also be important, how can
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