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Free chart – print this and stick it to your wall

If you are like most of the professionals I know, you will want to avoid taking your debtors to court to collect your money.

The reasons for this are obvious:

  • Cost: Your costs might outweigh the value of your debt;
  • Time: Courts are busy, in fact we are seeing average waiting times of 3 to 4 months for hearings to be listed; and
  • Insolvency: If your debtor goes insolvent before you get to court, you won’t get paid at all.

So you might be considering commencing or threatening winding-up proceedings to get paid.

But is this right for you?

Like many aspects of the law, it is not a simple decision.

So I’ve created this simple infographic you can use. It gives you, in simple terms, the pros and cons for both routes.

Then you can decide which – if any – is right for you.

Click here to download yours for free.

Why not stick it to your wall.

It might just give you an answer if you are teetering on the edge of ‘shall I / shan’t I’.

Want advice specifically for you?

If you want help or advice on debt collection, enforcement or litigation contact me directly.

I’ll gladly speak with you and tell you what options you might have.

It might be eye opening. Or it might just confirm what you already think.

Either way – you have nothing to lose.

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