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The importance of getting the right employment law advice

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It is essential for business owners and managers to be aware of key changes in employment law; it is even more essential in a time of recession when the issue of redundancies may be a live one.

Not understanding the complexities of employment law, or not staying up to date with changes in employment law, could lead to a disgruntled employee or former employee bringing a successful  claim against you.

But what’s the best way to stay on top of issues related to hiring, firing, contracts and employment law and human resources?

Do you need to keep a legal firm with specialists working in this area on retainer, or simply take their advice as and when necessary?

Today businesses face risks from many areas, including breaching employment laws. For a business, managing employees  is a risk .

Employment law has changed considerably over the past few years, and with the new laws that have come into force, the potential for claims against companies and areas of “˜risk’ have increased dramatically.

Employment law is a  very procedurally driven area, and often the problems that arise for businesses are not due to the “˜substance’, but the processes used when it comes to employment issues.

In the current climate, the increase in redundancies has greatly impacted on the amount of employment tribunals that are taking place – for one  main reason. The processes  used by the firm to execute the redundancy are often incorrect ““ which can result in a costly employment tribunal.

The need to have a retained legal firm or simply take advice when necessary is a matter of choice .

Innovative law firms now offer fixed fee legal services to businesses,  which can cover any employment law issues, including tribunals. This option works well for many  businesses, as it ensures escalating costs are avoided and that the business has access to legal advice when required. Our own fixed cost employment law service, FBsupport has proved extremely popular with over 150 businesses signing up in the first 12 months since launch.

Correct and up-to-date advice though, is crucial ““ and businesses should be aware that the initial cost of employment law advice is proportionally smaller to the costs that would be incurred from a tribunal. These costs can be both monetary, i.e. legal advice but also can cost the business in terms of HR and morale, i.e. time spent preparing for the case, stress caused both by employees taking part in the tribunal and employees left behind in the business.

There are also other significant benefits to taking advice. Employees are often a businesses most valuable asset. Managing them well improves morale, productivity and retention. By way of example, handling a redundancy situation well can minimise the effect on remaining employees and prevent damage to reputation of the business that happens where processes go wrong.

It is vital, therefore, for businesses to source the correct and most up-to-date employment advice, whether they choose to keep legal specialists on a retainer, or take advice when required.

And how important is to have someone internally, probably the HR person, who is up to date with employment law issues?

The decision over whether to employ an internal HR specialist often depends on the size of the business involved.

From a businesses perspective, having an internal HR specialist is  beneficial and allows for someone who knows the working of the business to be involved in any HR issues that could crop up on a daily basis.

The ability to provide advice and to troubleshoot day-to-day issues can prevent full blown employment tribunals, or issues that could prove potentially costly for the business.

This, in turn, can be mixed with external advice from a legal firm to provide an objective slant on any issues, and to ensure that any matters that may need to be taken to a legal level are dealt with correctly.

Businesses that  choose not to employ an HR specialist  can source  advice from HR consultants and employment lawyers, which if the right advisors are appointed can be just as effective and successful.

FBSupport –  Fixed-Cost Employment Law ““ From a Law Firm

Our clients want a great service, sound advice and to be certain of cost. So we developed an innovative fixed price solution with prices starting from as little as £99 a year.

You can access legally compliant documentation through our members website and speak directly to one of our experienced employment law solicitors when you need expert commercial advice


You can purchase fixed-cost, annual advice packages, starting from only £70 per month for 6 hours of advice going upto £360 per month for 36 hours of support. these hours can be used throughout the year as required. Should you exceed your hourly allowance you can pay a discounted hourly rate for any further assistance.

We also offer “Unlimitted Support” where you pay a fixed monthly cost and don’t have to worry about how often you need us to help.

Find out more about our fixed-cost employment law packages

We can of course work with you on an hourly rate basis, as and when you require, however if more regular support and a fixed cost is what you require then our fixed cost employment law packages should be of interest

We also provide fixed fee employment tribunal support, indemnity insurance, onsite HR support, health and safety, abscence management, payroll services, 24/7 helplines and occupational health advice

For a bespoke, tailored package please contact us

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