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In brief, the facts are as follows:

Mr Mbubaegbu was a surgeon at Homerton University Hospital. He had been employed for 15 years and had a clean disciplinary record prior to the disciplinary proceedings that led to his dismissal.

Allegations came to light that Mr Mbubaegbu was not following the department’s rules and regulations, and these were investigated by an external HR consultant. Further investigations were then carried out which gave rise to further allegations. In total, the investigations brought 22 allegations to light.

It was decided that disciplinary action would be taken in respect of 17 of the allegations, and following the disciplinary process, Mr Mbubaegbu was summarily dismissed even though none of the allegations on their own amounted to gross misconduct.

The Employment Appeal Tribunal stated as follows:

“It is quite possible for a series of acts demonstrating a pattern of conduct to be of sufficient seriousness to undermine the relationship of trust and confidence between employer and employee. That may be so even if the employer is unable to point to any particular act and identify that alone as amounting to gross misconduct. There is no authority to suggest that there must be a single act amounting to gross misconduct before summary dismissal would be justifiable or that it is impermissible to rely upon a series of acts, none of which would, by themselves, justify summary dismissal”.

What can we take from this case?

The decision illustrates that a series of acts of misconduct can, taken together, amount to gross misconduct in some circumstances. However, you should always seek professional advice as it is unlikely that the same decision will be reached in every case.



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