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Renewal of personal licences

personal licenses

05 January 2015: The Home Office has now released the form of application for renewal of personal licenses

Renew your personal licenses: Earlier guidance notes on this website set out the procedure to be followed the most important of which is to ensure that application is made one month before the expiry of your existing personal licenses. There is no need for a CRB check but any relevant or foreign convictions need to be provided.

For further information, please contact our Alcohol & Entertainment Licensing team on 01332 340 211.

02 December 2014: Personal Licence Renewals Update

As has already been discussed previously, the Government is aiming to remove the requirements for Personal Licence Holders to renew their Licence every ten years through the de-regulation bill which is currently before Parliament.

Unfortunately, the bill is unlikely to receive Royal Assent before the tenth anniversary of the date on which the first Personal Licences were granted. To ensure that Personal Licence Holders aren’t disadvantaged by this position the Government is introducing new arrangements through secondary legislation for those who’s Licences are due for renewal before the proposal in the bill comes into force. New application forms are yet to be made available however what is known is that applicants need to complete the new form and submit it to their Licensing Authority no later than one month before their Licence expires.

They will also need to enclose their current Personal Licence or possibly a copy.

Unfortunately we don’t yet have an exact date as to when the repeal of the requirement to renew a Personal Licence is going to take effect and so all that can be said currently is that those Personal Licence Holders who’re Licence is expiring early in 2015 will need to complete and submit a short application form to their Licensing Authority.

They won’t, however, have enclosed a fee, photographs or a criminal conviction certificate. A guidance document is attached which very helpfully sets out the current position but unfortunately, there is still no clarity as to precisely which Personal Licence Holders will be affected and what form they need to fill in. All we can say is to watch this space.

For further information, please contact our Alcohol & Entertainment Licensing team on 01332 340 211.

28 November 2014: Personal Licence Renewal Process

The Home Office has stated that the Deregulation Bill which will remove the requirement to renew Personal Licences is to receive royal assent no earlier than spring 2015. This will cause problems for Personal Licence Holders and Licensing Authorities as for a number of Personal Licence Holders, the current renewal process will need to start in December 2014. Because of this, the Government has decided to put measures in place to assist those affected by the delay in the implementation of the Deregulation Bill.

The Home Office has said that those Personal Licence Holders affected will need to submit a short form giving basic information to Licensing Authorities. There is to be no application fee, no requirement to provide photographs and no criminal record checks. How the process is to be validated has not yet been shared but it is understood that there will be an application form and guidance published shortly. Personal Licence Holders should check their records to see whether their Licence will expire during the critical period. Licensing Officers are also likely to be checking their DPS records. In essence, those who’s Licences expire within the critical period will not need to renew their Licence but will need to extend it by following the procedure which is described above.

For further information, please contact our Alcohol & Entertainment Licensing team on 01332 340 211.

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