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Andrew Whiting is the leader of our Counter Fraud team, dealing exclusively with suspected fraudulent motor claims for insurers.

The service Andrew provides reflects his extensive counter fraud experience, his drive to provide quality litigation and advice and his perseverance to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Andrew specialises in investigating all types of suspected motor fraud, from opportunistic low-velocity impact claims to complex ringed fraud operations.

He is also involved in, what has traditionally been the large loss arena, applying counter fraud tactics to suspected exaggerated and fundamentally dishonest claims arising from a genuine loss.

Andrew also deals with standard liability and quantum disputes on small claims track, fast track and multi-track claims.

As part of the investigations for his insurer clients, Andrew meticulously analyses market trends to acquire vital data to tackle fraud, approaching each case with critical analysis and conducting a detailed examination to provide the solid foundation for his robust and technical litigation style.

With a proven track record evidenced through numerous trial wins and repudiations, Andrew has been crucial in the discovery of claimant fundamental dishonesty, resulting in recoverable costs awards.

His regular attendance in the County Court, both to observe Counsel and to advocate interim and pre-action applications and declaration proceedings, enables him to understand first-hand how the court prefers to operate and adapt future litigation to ensure success.

Andrew completed his Master’s Degree in Law and his Legal Practice Course at the University of Sheffield, having previously gained a degree in Cultural and Media Studies.


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