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Rehana Ahmed investigates and defends all types of fraudulent claims, including staged, contrived, semi-staged, phantom passengers, low-velocity impact, late notification, and ringed fraud.

Her ability to quickly absorb every detail and apply a robust attitude to her thorough knowledge of civil procedure rules enables her to consistently secure the best possible outcome for her clients.

Rehana’s 90% plus trial win rate includes numerous findings of fundamental dishonesty. She has also recently successfully appealed a first instance decision on a finding of fact, which, in itself, is a rare achievement. Her sound decision-making skills and case assessment were reinforced when she won an appeal despite an experienced counsel calculating her chances of success at just 15%.

Rehana regularly forces claimants to discontinue their claims through the strength of her pleadings, numerous successful strike-out applications and the use of litigation and evidential tactics.

Before joining Flint Bishop, Rehana worked for several national and international insurance law firms, bringing a wealth of knowledge and practical know-how to our Fraud team.

She has significant experience in dealing with fraudulent road traffic claims, including ringed fraud operations, for some of the UK’s largest insurance companies. Rehana also conducts the majority of her advocacy and regularly attends case management conferences and application hearings by telephone.

Rehana frequently secures high-value cost orders against claimants because of her strengths in bypassing the hindrances that one-way costs shifting places on insurers.

She has also successfully defended high-value multi-track fraud claims, such as a recent case where two claimants were claiming various personal injuries and future losses over £80,000 each. The claim involved a liability dispute, low-velocity impact, phantom and exaggerated concerns. She achieved savings worth more than £300,000.

In addition to her own caseload, she is a technical supervisor and regularly assists other team members with their defences, discussing tactics and disseminating case law with guidance on how best to apply them. Rehana also develops training strategies and regularly delivers related training sessions. Going forward, Rehana will also be responsible for external training.

She completed her Bachelor of Laws and her Legal Practice Course at Manchester Metropolitan University.


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