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Personal Licence renewals – Update

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The Government are committed to the abolition of the requirement to renewal Personal Licences.

The Government have however now confirmed that it is unlikely that the relevant legislation to deal with the requirements of abolition will have gone through Parliament in time for the requirement to renew to be abolished before the first Personal Licences need renewing in early 2015.

Further guidance is expected from the Government later this year however in practice it is likely to mean that those who obtained their Personal Licences in February, March or April 2005 will need to renew; the precise dates and numbers who may need to renew are unclear.

In practice, most people will have obtained their Personal Licences later in 2005 or after that so whilst it is difficult to quantify the exact numbers that will be affected it probably isn’t huge.

On a separate note the Government has announced its consultation on locally set Licence fees as concluded and is being analysed and an announcement will be made in the near future as to how the Government intends to move forward with this initiative.

If you need any further information, please contact Karen Cochrane.

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