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Taking advantage of sporting events and other national occasions can help licensed premises to attract more customers and increase sales.

Our temporary event notice (TEN) alert system acts as a reminder to ensure that you apply for your TEN in time to be able to capitalise on occasions including Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, major sporting events and bank holidays.

You will receive regular reminder emails before the deadline for applying for a standard TEN for each event. However, for sporting events that span more than one day, such as Wimbledon or cricket test matches, you will only receive a notification for the first day of the event.

The sporting events we tend to include are those taking place at unusual hours or that may require additional licensable activities and therefore require a TEN. These include:

  • public holidays such as Good Friday, Easter Monday, Early May Bank Holiday and Spring Bank Holiday;
  • sporting events such as the Six Nations Rugby, the NFL Super Bowl, overseas tennis, boxing, golfing and football tournaments, the Cheltenham and Royal Ascot horse racing meetings, overseas Grand Prix’s and WWE Wrestlemania; and
  • other occasions such as Burns Night, Valentine’s Day, St. David’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and St. George’s Day.


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