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January: Is it the best time to divorce?

January is usually known as the time for new beginnings but unfortunately, the media has designated this month as ‘Divorce Month’ – suggesting a surge in couples divorcing after the festive break and it being the best time to divorce.

There is some truth to this; we have found that divorce enquiries do peak in January. People thinking of separation begin searching for information immediately after the holidays. Christmas holidays tend to be hectic, plus any relationship issues can come into sharper focus when stressed out couples spend more time together.

Why is the New Year often referred to as the ‘best time to divorce’?

The decision to wait until the New Year is especially common for couples with children as many parents worry about what affect divorce will have on them. Christmas is supposed to be a magical time and so they commit to giving the children one last happy holiday as an intact family.

New year, new start?

Another common reason for looking at divorce in the New Year is an end of year reflection. People assess their situation and may say to themselves, “I cannot take another year like this”. So, with a New Year come new beginnings.

Christmas holidays are a time when emotions run high and if you are unhappy or angry in your marriage or relationship, the holidays can push those feelings to a breaking point.

Summer holidays causing conflict

Another spike in divorce enquiries tends to be September. Couples make a conscious effort to get through the summer holidays before making enquiries to separate, as with the children being at home, it is often not the best time to divorce.

No month is divorce month

Unfortunately, the sad reality is that every month tends to be divorce month.

The “best” time to divorce is when a person thinks they have done everything possible to make it work. There is no good time to divorce. If you are going to do it, January is as good a time as any. It is no more or less painful than any other month. It is a very personal decision and you need to do what is best for you, at your own pace and ensure that you get advice from a Solicitor.

Our Family Law Team is here to help and to protect your position. We can advise you as to your rights and responsibilities. You can contact the Team on 01332 340 211.

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