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Transfer of equity is the legal process of changing the ownership on a property. You might use this to add or remove a spouse as an owner after a marriage or divorce, or to adjust the ownership share.

Regardless of the reasons behind the change in ownership of your property, our conveyancing experts will provide you with an efficient and transparent service with no unnecessary delays.

The team is well-known for the quality of its advice and customer care and will guide you through transferring the equity, taking the time to ensure that you fully understand each step of the process and any legal implications involved.

How the equity transfer process works

If there is a mortgage on the property, the lender’s permission will be required before the transfer of equity can proceed. Whoever is on the title will bear responsibility to pay the mortgage, and the lender needs to agree that new or remaining owners are able to pay it. Our conveyancers will request this permission for you.

If the lender does give permission, you must either pay off the mortgage first or remortgage under a new lender who is willing to lend to the new owner(s).

If there is more than £40,000 to be transferred, a stamp duty certificate will be required.

During the transfer process, our team will check the deeds, perform ID checks, and prepare the transfer deed. The deed is then signed by the existing and new owners, along with a witness and the conveyancer. We will then register the new ownership with the Land Registry.

In addition to our conveyancing expertise, we also have highly reputable Family & Matrimonial and Wills, Probate, Tax & Trusts teams, who can assist you with many other issues that are frequently associated with transferring the equity of property.

Our conveyancing fees

For details of our fees and services in relation to residential conveyancing work, please click on the relevant drop-down option on our Pricing page which can be viewed here.

Our Conveyancing team has many years’ experience of advising on the transfer of equity for a wide range of clients, providing us with the expertise to ensure the whole process proceeds smoothly and with the minimum possible disruption for you.

The team has established strong working relationships with a number of banks, building societies and specialist mortgage providers throughout this time, which often minimises communication times when arranging your new mortgage, speeding up the overall process.

We are also a member of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme, which is an accreditation that guarantees that we are providing you with the best conveyancing service achievable.

Sukhy Kandola
Partner & Head of Residential Conveyancing
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