We provide the complete commercial debt recovery service; from outsourced early arrears collections through to expert litigation, all handled in-house by a multi-award-winning law firm.


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By providing tailored, practical and efficient solutions, our experienced team of employment lawyers will ensure your workplace investigation is carried out systematically and fairly to achieve your organisation’s objectives.

We are able to act in an advisory role and to take on the role of the ‘Investigating Officer’ on behalf of your organisation. This process involves gathering and analysing evidence, interviewing witnesses and drafting comprehensive investigation reports which are both comprehensive and robust.

Our specialist employment lawyers have conducted many workplace disciplinary and grievance investigations involving misconduct, harassment and equality issues, as well as investigations surrounding accidents or incidents in the workplace.

We also have expertise in advising employers in relation to whistleblowing policies and procedures, staff training, risk management and dealing with any relevant regulatory bodies.

This experience puts our specialist employment lawyers in a unique position to offer well-rounded and practical investigations, tailored to meet the precise needs of your organisation.

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