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We have developed a unique online proposition that assists with the compliance, consistency and transparency of your licensed premises.

Chosen staff, such as business managers and designated premises supervisors, will be given secure access to our online platform, which will provide them with access to each site’s premises licence, site plan, licensing manual and resources, all within one place and with 24/7 access. This enables your staff to understand the unique requirements of each licensed premises that they manage.

We continuously audit and maintain your premises portfolio to ensure that all of your premises are correctly licensed under one entity name, are fully compliant with their licensing terms and have the correct conditions and staffing that they need to prosper.

In addition to our online support, our managed licensing services for pub companies cover everything from managing the premises licences and plans for every site in your group, through to the development of a bespoke licensing manual for you to distribute within your company.

We also operate a telephone helpline for several clients, such as Marston’s PLC, where we encourage your business managers and designated premises supervisors to raise any concerns or issues they face whilst managing your premises.

If you are looking to increase your pool of designated premises supervisors, we can provide training for your staff to gain their personal licence and help to develop them into your future business leaders.

We can run training sessions, either remotely, at your office or offsite, on any area of premises licensing that you think your staff require upskilling in, from preventing underage sales to avoiding noise nuisance. Where appropriate, we can also provide recorded versions of the training sessions for internal distribution.

We have gained a unique insight into how licensed operators function and the common problems that they face.

Through working with some of the UK’s largest pub company groups, such as Star Pubs and Bars (the leased and tenanted division of Heineken UK), as well as hotel chains such as Kew Green Hotels and Macdonald Hotels and several other clients throughout the UK, our Licensing team have developed a close connection with a large number of local authorities, enabling us to manage change requests and issues effectively.


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Chairman & Senior Partner
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