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Insurance fraudulence varies in severity, from single claimants exaggerating or misreporting claims, through to multiple claimants suspected of participating in organised fraud rings.

Our insurance litigation specialists use their in-depth knowledge to develop tailored fraudulence prevention, detection and resolution processes that reflect and compliment your businesses requirements and culture.

By working closely with you to thoroughly understand how you operate, we ensure that we capture the correct relevant information through our bespoke case management system. We then take this data and devise distinct strategies and processes in-line with your philosophy for handling claims, providing you with frequent reports and updates on each case.

We have one of the largest teams of counter-fraud experts in the Midlands, specialising in defending insurers and self-insurers. Our advice covers all areas of fraudulent claims including:

  • Ringed fraud
  • Credit hire fraud
  • Phantom passenger claims
  • Staged claims
  • Contrived claims
  • Induced accident claims
  • Low-speed impact claims

The strong working relationships that we have developed with a wide range of intelligence agencies throughout the country provide us with quick and easy access to large quantities of reliable data to assist with our investigations. This enables us to efficiently and effectively handle the frequent instructions of suspected ringed fraud cases that we receive, which often include elements of forgery, filing false claims, identity theft or counterfeit cheques and currencies.

Anthony Carrington
Partner & Head of Insurance Litigation
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