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If you want to sell alcohol to the public, sell late-night refreshments, show live and recorded music, films, indoor sporting events, boxing or the performances of dance, you will need a premises licence.

You will also require a personal licence holder to be appointed as your designated premises supervisor if you sell alcohol. This person will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the business and authorising the sale of all alcohol on the premises.

Premises licence variations

If you are considering changing the times on your licence or introducing new entertainment or services within your licensed establishment, for example, a games room, you may be required to apply to vary your premises licence.

To save you time and expense, we will first check for any current licence associated with the premises and, if found, seek to transfer this to you.

If no premises licence exists, we will then guide you through the new premises licence application process.

Premises licence training

Where you do not already employ somebody with a personal licence who can become the designated premises supervisor or you wish to increase your pool of personal licence holders, we can arrange the necessary training for your staff and guide them through the personal licence application process.

To ensure that all of our licensing lawyers understand your business and how you operate, we insist that they all hold personal licences, undertake the Institute of Innkeeping’s Designated Premises Supervisor qualification and are members of the Institute of Licensing.

Our premises licensing application fees

For details of our fees and services in relation to premises licensing applications, please refer to our Pricing page which can be viewed here.

Highly experienced premises licence solicitors

Our experienced licensing law solicitors work with a wide array of licensed premises owners, ranging from independent establishments and small chains, through to operators of multiple pubs, clubs, hotels, off-licences and restaurants throughout the UK to obtain and manage their premises licences.

We work with some of the UK’s largest estates of licensed premises, including Star Pubs and Bars Ltd (the leased and tenanted division of Heineken UK), Marston’s PLC and Kew Green Hotels Limited (operators of Holiday Inn and Hilton Hotels in the UK). We offer a full licensing management service, providing bulk premises licence changes, frequent designated premises supervisor changes and easy online access to documentation and guidance.

Our licensing lawyers have significant experience of the processes involved in the mass undertaking of new premises licence applications, from drafting licensing applications and dealing with local authorities through to mitigating any objections that are raised against your application.

Having had the experience of working with every local authority throughout the UK, we understand the issues that they face when approving your licence application and what conditions they may place on your licence. This enables us to advise you on how to best adapt your business plans and objectives accordingly.

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