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Our team of property solicitors will guide you through the legal and practical issues that arise when negotiating or becoming bound by an overage agreement.

Whether you are a seller benefiting from overage, or a buyer is subjected to its terms and conditions, our solicitors will ensure that a legally-accurate, correctly-documented overage agreement is in place to protect your interests.

Our advice will include guidance on:

  • When the overage should become payable
  • Whether the payment will be a fixed sum or a percentage of the enhanced value of the land
  • What deductions may be offset against the increase in the value of the land
  • Whether the overage takes effect on one single occasion or against any further future development
  • How the overage will be protected

Our commercial property solicitors have a wealth of experience in advising on all types of complex and high-value overage agreements and have amassed detailed knowledge on the pitfalls and risks associated with such arrangements and how these can be avoided.

We frequently advise a significant number of organisations with overage agreements, including investors, housebuilders, landowners, developers, property management companies, educational establishments, charities and care service providers.


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