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Living with your partner does not automatically entitle you to the same rights as married couples, regardless of how long you have been together. There are no ‘common law’ domestic partners. Upon separation, you would not have an automatic entitlement to financial support from your ex-partner, and you may also lose access to your children or pets.

Cohabitation agreements are highly recommended to any couples who are moving in together but are not intending to marry or enter a civil partnership.

What is a cohabitation agreement?

A cohabitation agreement is a legally binding contract that seeks to pre-empt problems and sets out how property, finances, and other rights will be handled if the couple separates without marrying. This can include matters such as:

  • How ownership of the home will be determined (if it is jointly owned)
  • Who the children of the relationship will live with, and when they can see each parent
  • How a shared bank account is to be divided
  • How other belongings, such as cars and pets, are distributed

Living together agreement solicitors

When making a cohabitation agreement, each party must receive separate legal representation from different solicitors. As your legal advisors, we would make sure that your agreement is not only a legally valid contract but that it leaves you in the best possible position in the event of separation.

By taking the time to fully understand your individual circumstances, we are able to pre-empt possible issues by negotiating and drafting a cohabitation agreement that is tailored to your situation.

Drafting and negotiating cohabitation agreements

Our leading family solicitors are experts in cohabitation law, regularly drafting and negotiating cohabitation agreements and resolving issues that have arisen as a result of not having one in place.

Whether your financial position is straightforward or complex, we use our technical expertise to provide the protection and certainty you need to be able to enjoy life living with your partner.

If you would like to speak to us about a cohabitation agreement for you and your partner, please call us on 01332 226 122.

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Partner & Head of Family & Matrimonial
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