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For some disputes, a financial remedy alone is not sufficient.

Where a party is repeatedly causing you problems, perhaps by breaching a contract or not complying with their obligations to you, injunction orders can be sought to force or prevent a particular action.

In some circumstances, such orders can be supplemented by a freezing order, which freezes the assets of an individual or company, or a search order, which permits the Claimant’s representatives to search the property of another party where wrongdoing is suspected. Some of these orders can even be sought prior to the other party even being made aware of any claims against them, for example where there is a risk that notification may result in them destroying evidence or dissipating assets.

The key to any successful use of these remedies is to understand the appropriate remedy and act swiftly. We have extensive experience of such orders and have used injunction applications in order to assist in securing substantial settlements where our clients were otherwise at risk of getting nothing.

We have successfully secured injunctions to prevent:

  • wrongful conduct; injunctions to require delivery of documents and records;
  • orders compelling performance with contracts;
  • orders for freezing assets worldwide and many others.

We have also acted as supervising solicitors on behalf of the court in order to regulate the enforcement of search orders.

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