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Resolving agricultural disputes quickly and effectively

Whatever the root cause of the issue, we aim to maximise your chances of bringing your agricultural dispute to a successful conclusion while minimising your cost and risk.

Our agricultural dispute resolution solicitors have developed a strong reputation for their expertise in advising farmers, agricultural businesses, landowners and charities in a broad range of contentious agricultural matters.

We provide expert agricultural dispute resolution guidance from the very start, providing clarity on all the options available to you, the cost of dealing with the dispute, the success rate and what the overall potential outcome result could be.

Our experts recognise the importance of resolving agricultural disputes quickly and effectively to minimise disruption.

We always aim to achieve this at the outset through alternative dispute resolution such as negotiation or mediation. As a result, we have a prestigious record for resolving many of our clients’ agricultural disputes out of court.

Highly experienced in resolving farming and agricultural disputes

Our agricultural litigation solicitors frequently act for substantial country landowners and other agricultural clients including landed estates, tenants, trustees along with agricultural businesses including agricultural goods and produce manufacturers and charities.

We have extensive experience in resolving a wide range of agricultural disputes, such as:

  • Providing agricultural tenancy advice and resolving disputes about farm business tenancies, Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 tenancies and grazing licences
  • Resolving agricultural property-related disputes about boundaries, public or private rights of way, trespassing and proprietary estoppel
  • Resolving farming partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Resolving contractual disputes and dealing with defective products or services
  • Resolving nuisance disputes
  • Resolving will and estate disputes
  • Recovering rental arrears and other debts

We regularly advise charities, agricultural businesses, landowners and farmers on the full range of agricultural disputes, and are highly experienced in resolving these disputes swiftly, cost-effectively and with minimal disruption.

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Senior Associate
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