We provide the complete commercial debt recovery service; from outsourced early arrears collections through to expert litigation, all handled in-house by a multi-award-winning law firm.


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Expert insurance dispute solicitors

Insurance disputes can be highly complex matters.

Our large team of insurance litigation specialists have the ability and knowledge to be able to handle complicated cases through courts and negotiations if required.

By swiftly identifying the most important legal and factual issues involved, we help you to take decisive measures to protect your assets and business interests.

If you are an organisation facing issues with your insurance provider, we will help you to identify claims under your policy and any potential broker liability.

Often with the right approach, court intervention can be avoided. We provide you with a clear plan to help you reach your most achievable objectives.

Achieve a fair insurance claim settlement

Unlike most other law firms, we act for both the insured and the insurers, which gives us a unique insight into the tactics and approaches used by both sides.

This knowledge helps us to achieve timely and more advantageous results for our clients.

Notably, we have acted for successful insurance claims including a case for the total loss of a fleet of limousines and a case against the insurers of a world-famous nightclub group, as well as securing a £6m settlement for a furniture manufacturer against a broker for its negligent handling of a policy.

We also act for claims against brokers, enabling us to utilise other potential remedies available outside of the normal insured and insurer relationship.

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