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By realistically reviewing the consequences of either accepting or rejecting a flexible working request, our employment solicitors will help to minimise the risks to your business and ensure your employees do not abuse your flexible working hours.

We will support you in reviewing the current level of workers and employees that are working under a flexible working need and how this affects your business.

Where required, we will help by reviewing the current policies your business has in place and assist with updating contracts of employment and correspondence with regards to accepting or rejecting the request.

Additionally, we can also support your business in accepting flexible working requests and advise how the business may need to be adapted to adjust to a number of requests.


Our employment lawyers have developed particular expertise in preparing and updating policies with regards to flexible working and in updating contracts of employment and correspondence with regards to new working patterns.

We frequently advise a variety of clients with varying business needs, from the public sector organisations to large national companies and SMEs, on the best ways they can adapt to flexible working need whilst succeeding with their own commercial interests.

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