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How our conveyancing solicitors can help

We have one of the largest residential conveyancing teams in the Midlands and are renowned for our excellent customer care and for always putting our clients’ needs at the heart of our advice.

Your case will be led by legally qualified personnel, not administration staff, providing you with legal expertise and experience throughout the whole process.

Each stage will be explained to you in a jargon-free manner and we will keep you fully informed as we progress your transaction.

If you would like to receive a free, no-obligation conveyancing quote, please click on the link below and complete our quick online form and a member of the team will be in touch.


Our conveyancing fees

For details of our fees and services in relation to residential conveyancing work, please click on the relevant drop-down option on our Pricing page which can be viewed here.

Experienced and recommended conveyancing solicitors

With over a century of experience, our highly skilled legal experts have the knowledge and understanding required to provide you with an efficient and transparent service with no unnecessary delays.

Leading estate agents choose to appoint us as their preferred conveyancing partner due to the level of support that we provide to their clients.

As evidence of our reputation for providing a quality legal service, independent research voted Flint Bishop as the most popular conveyancing firm in Derbyshire.

We are a member of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme, which is an accreditation that guarantees that we are providing you with the best conveyancing service achievable and we also serve on the panels for all major mortgage lenders in the UK.


How long does the conveyancing process take?

An average transaction takes approximately 14-16 weeks dependent on the number of parties involved.

However, each transaction is different and we will progress matters as swiftly as possible.

What are the common causes of delay with residential conveyancing?

This can be a host of things, including delayed searches, mortgage offers not been issued, one of the parties not being able to find a property and third-party involvements such as managing agents on a leasehold property.

What searches need to take place?

The common searches initially carried out are drainage, environmental and local authority.

Certain areas will require other searches such as coal mining.

If any of the results of the initial searches show areas of concern, we will discuss the options of further searches if deemed necessary.

What is a conveyancing ‘chain’?

This is when there are a number of linked property transactions that are all dependent on each other in order to complete the process.

Your estate agent will advise you regarding the number of parties in the chain of your property.

The builder has given me 28 days to exchange contracts. Can this be done?

This is dependent on how quickly contracts are received from the developer’s solicitors, how long searches take and whether the remainder of the parties in the chain are ready. The developer will sometimes give leeway as long as matters are progressing.

Developers operate within a high-pressure environment but also appreciate that certain aspects can take longer in order to ensure all relevant areas are covered.

When does the contract exchange take place?

When all searches are back, all enquiries are satisfied, mortgage offers are in, all documentation is signed, funds are in place and a completion date is agreed.

What happens on exchange of contracts?

You become legally bound under the terms of the contract that you are to purchase or sell your property on the agreed completion date.

When do I know the property is mine?

Your solicitor will call you to confirm that completion has taken place.

You will then be able to arrange a convenient time to collect the keys.

Do I have to come to the office and see my solicitor to sign documents?

Not necessarily. We will provide you with a written report for you to take away and go through. You can always come back to us with any questions.

What happens on completion?

Once all monies have been transferred to the relevant parties, you can arrange to collect your keys and can move into the property you are purchasing.

On a sale, the buyer becomes the legal owner once the funds have been received by the seller’s solicitor.

How do I remortgage my home?

To remortgage your home requires a fresh deal to be struck with a mortgage lender. When you have selected a lender, Flint Bishop’s Conveyancing team will be able to carry out the required checks to confirm details about the property. This will involve obtaining data from the Land Registry, and possibly information about the surrounding geography from the local authority (risk of flooding and subsidence, etc.) as these are all factors affecting the lender’s investment.

If your existing mortgage needs settling, our team will also speak to your current provider to arrange this. When we have the new mortgage offer, we will review this to check if there are any special conditions to be complied with.

Sukhy Kandola
Partner & Head of Residential Conveyancing
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