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How many weeks will it take to move house?

We wish we could guarantee how long your house move would take, but unfortunately, we cannot.

If you are buying an empty property without the aid of a mortgage and the seller’s solicitors produce a draft contract and evidence of title within a few days of your decision to buy, the purchase should proceed very quickly.

The timescale is, however, dependent on the receipt of satisfactory searches and that there are no problems with the seller’s title.

How does a ‘chain’ affect how long it takes to move house?

If you are selling your own home to buy another and the people who you are buying from are also purchasing another home, you are considered to be in a ‘chain’.

Being in a ‘chain’ can increase the time it takes to complete the sale, which can, on average, be anything between six to 12 weeks.

Each person in the ‘chain’ will have their own requirements and each solicitor acting for the parties will need to raise searches and investigate the titles.

The chain will only move as fast as the slowest party involved.

You cannot control the chain

If you find that the process is being delayed due to a chain, our advice is to be philosophical. Chances are, the reasons behind the hold-up are beyond your control.

Our Conveyancing team is highly experienced in dealing with a wide variety of issues faced by clients when buying and selling property and they understand the frustration that arises from these situations.

It is in everyone’s best interest to exchange contracts quickly and we always do everything we can to ensure that the sale is completed as soon as possible.



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