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Our licensing lawyers can assist you in completing your temporary event notice (TEN) application or, where appropriate, apply to vary your premises licence.

Our strategy of putting our clients’ needs at the centre of our approach and decision-making sets us apart from other law firms and has resulted in a strong national reputation for providing quality, cost-effective advice.

As part of our commitment to our clients and their success, we regularly inform them of relevant upcoming events that they may wish to utilise temporary event notices for, ensuring that they have enough time to be able to apply.

Temporary event notices do not require the permission from your local authority, you only need to give them notice of the event. Only the police and environmental health can intervene to prevent your event from going ahead or propose modified arrangements for it, providing that you meet all procedural requirements.

Where application disputes are likely, we ensure that your temporary event notice is submitted as far in advance as possible to provide sufficient time to settle any resistance over the proposed event.

If you frequently use temporary event notices or are expecting more than 500 people to attend an event, we can assist you in applying for a new or varied premises licence.

Our close working relationships with police forces and environmental health officers across the UK enables us to understand the concerns that they have with different types of events, providing us with inside knowledge to help you to establish an approved plan for your event.

We have assisted a significant number of our licence holder clients in obtaining TENs for a vast array of temporary events and entertainment, from beer festivals in pub gardens to pubs staying open for significant international sporting events being televised at unusual hours. Our broad range of clients includes large pub companies, individuals and organisations such as schools who can require assistance with licensing issues when organising events.

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