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Our conveyancing experts, who are well-known for the quality of their advice and customer care, will guide you through the remortgaging process and take the time to ensure that each step is fully explained to you in simple terms.

You will receive frequent unprompted updates from your solicitor and have direct dial telephone access to the team who will be able to answer any questions that you may have as your case progresses.

If you are remortgaging to add or remove a person, we can also assist you with the transfer of equity process as well.

How to remortgage your home

We will assist with these steps of the remortgaging process:

  • Checking ID as part of our commitment to prevent money laundering
  • To begin settling the existing mortgage, we will acquire the details from your current lender, including a redemption statement. This states how much you owe and if there are any cancellation fees or early repayment charges due.
  • If the property is in leasehold, we will check that the arrangement of the least meets the new lender’s requirements.
  • Your new lender may request searches for information about the property before they are willing to lend on it, so we will carry these out.
  • Reviewing the mortgage offer to ensure everything is correct and legal.
  • Any assistance needed with signing the mortgage deed.
  • Bankruptcy checks.
  • Searches at the Land Registry to make sure nothing has changed on the property deeds since the remortgage process began.
  • To complete the transaction, once we have received the funds from the lender, we will pay off your old mortgage and any fees and send any remaining money to you.
  • Registering the legal title change with Land Registry.

Our conveyancing fees

For details of our fees and services in relation to residential conveyancing work, please click on the relevant drop-down option on our Pricing page which can be viewed here.

Our conveyancing experts have been advising homeowners on their remortgages for many years and as a result have gained considerable experience of working alongside many of the most popular mortgage lenders.

This has enabled the team to establish strong working relationships with a number of banks, building societies and specialist mortgage providers, which often minimises communication times between the two, speeding up the overall process.

In addition, the team’s in-depth knowledge of all of the aspects involved in the remortgaging process ensures that, regardless of what the transaction entails, you will receive an efficient and transparent service with no unnecessary delays.

Sukhy Kandola
Partner & Head of Residential Conveyancing
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