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Our commercially-focused and practical approach to data protection ensures that you are fully compliant with current regulations.

We work closely with data protection officers, headteachers, HR directors and chief executives to support them with the drafting of compliant policies and procedures, through to dealing with subject access requests and data breaches. Our advice can be provided using a range of methods according to your specific requirements; via telephone calls, emails, face-to-face meetings, reports or video calls.

In addition to our advice and support, we can also provide bespoke training programmes and deliver seminars to educate your staff on topics including data protection compliance, recognising data protection breaches and dealing with subject access requests in a timely and compliant manner. By ensuring that you adopt a forward-thinking approach to data management and cybersecurity, we can help to protect you from the consequences of non-compliance and minimise your risks.

As we understand the importance of financial planning within the education sector to avoid any unexpected costs, we offer a range of pricing models, including a fixed fee package, to enable you to confidently budget for your data protection support.

Details of the package can be found here.

Our knowledge of working with various educational establishments has taught us that employees, students and parents are becoming more aware of their rights with regards to data protection and that these issues are not going to go away.

We have extensive experience of assisting with various GDPR contracts, including data sharing agreements and data processing agreements, as well as advising on cyber security, the use of cookies and drafting cookie policies.

Noted for our strategic data protection compliance advice and policy drafting, our commercial solicitors are widely recognised as experts by our education clients and through their advice and tailored training sessions, can help to ‘demystify’ the data protection landscape.

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