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In a bid to energise the sector, The Licensing Act 2003 (UEFA European Football Championship Licensing Hours) Order 2024 provides on-licensed premises that usually close at 11pm to be permitted to stay open until 1am if England and/or Scotland reach the semis or finals.

The relaxation applies to premises in England and Wales only. It will permit the sale of alcohol until 1am, but does not apply to late night refreshment, off-sales of alcohol or regulated entertainment.
When it comes to Scotland, a Scottish government spokesperson said it was up to local licensing boards whether or not to allow pubs to extend their opening hours. If you are wanting to extend your hours, you will need to enquire with the board as soon as possible and submit your application as a matter of urgency.
Germany is hosting EURO 2024, with the semi-finals taking place on Tuesday 9 July and Wednesday 10 July, with the final on Sunday 14 July.
For all other fixtures, if you are wanting to extend your licensable hours, then you will be required to submit a Temporary Event Notice. We have highlighted below some of the key fixtures and the full schedule can be found here:
14 June Germany -v- Scotland Munich 21:00 20:00
16 June Serbia -v- England Gelsenkirchen 21:00 20:00
19 June Scotland -v- Switzerland Cologne 21:00 20:00
20 June Denmark -v- England Frankfurt 18:00 17:00
23 June Scotland -v- Hungary Stuttgart 21:00 20:00
25 June England -v- Slovenia Cologne 21:00 20:00

Screening of events


Under the Licensing Act exemptions, live television doesn’t require permission, but showing pre-recorded matches does. You can get permission on your premises licence, through applying for films, or applying for a temporary event notice (TEN). For outdoor screenings, check your premises licence in case of any restrictions and get a TEN if needed. Also, make sure you have the necessary commercial subscriptions and a TV licence.


More information on applying for a Temporary Event Notice can be found on our website here.

Considerations if screening the Euros

Additional staffing 

Ensure sufficient staff numbers are in place to cope with the anticipated number of customers, the Euros tend to bring more people out than normal, so it is important that you have sufficient staff to cope with this.



Consider the use of plastic glassware such as polycarbonate particularly for outside areas and to avoid unnecessary waiting for service and/or to lessen the risk of injury. When serving glass bottles, consider the use of PET bottles or decanting into plastic glassware if appropriate, but if you do use glass, ensure that empties are collected regularly, and any broken glass is quickly cleared away.


Local Residents

It is good practice prior to hosting an event that you contact your local neighbours to make them aware of what you are intending to do on site, provide them with a direct contact number for a manager at the site for them to make complaints to and give them as much information as possible. This will help you manage any complaints and hopefully prevent them escalating it further to the authorities.


Health & Safety 

Review access to your premises and consider restricting the number of entrances (should fire regulations permit). Check that all fire exits are completely clear and unobstructed, and your fire risk assessment is reviewed accordingly.



Make sure that there is no excessive consumption of alcohol – remember it is an offence to serve somebody who is drunk or to buy a drink for somebody who is already drunk.


Door Staff

If you feel admission and control could be an issue, consider use of Door Supervisors (remembering that they must be SIA registered) to help control the number of people watching matches/events. Please ensure that you plan and book door supervisors as early as possible to avoid being left without any.


Under 18s

It is likely that with such a significant event, young people are likely to be present. Ensure that you have a robust challenge policy in place, and you continue to be vigilant about preventing the sale of alcohol to them.



Check conditions on the Premises Licence to make sure that you are complying with all requirements, and if a Temporary Event Notice (England and Wales) is needed. It would be helpful to the local authority and police to submit your TEN as early as possible. If you are running promotions, check they comply with the Mandatory Conditions.



If there is trouble at your premises, call the police immediately and cease serving alcohol.



Consider the use of tickets to control admission and prevent overcrowding, if this is likely to be an issue in your premises.



If you have CCTV condition on your premises licence, ensure that it is fully operational with all cameras recording. It would be advisable as good practice that a staff member able to operate the CCTV system is available.



If you are screening the Euros, this is likely going to attract more noise than usual, whether that is from the TV screens or patrons. Ensure that you continuously monitor the noise levels and keep the noise levels down so as to not to cause a public nuisance. Consider the location of the screens, try to locate them away from residents where possible.



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