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All our employment lawyers regularly advise employees on settlement agreements, advising you on the terms and effects of the agreement either by telephone or by face-to-face meeting.

Your employer should pay a contribution towards your settlement agreement legal fees in order for you to receive the relevant advice on the effect of the terms of the settlement agreement.

For an agreed additional fee, we are also able to review whether you have any claims arising out of your situation, can negotiate the sum on offer and can also amend the terms so that it better protects you as an employee, as opposed to the employer.

If you are in full agreeance with the terms of your settlement agreement and it has been correctly drafted, your employer’s contribution should be sufficient to cover the full cost. However, our legal fees for settlement agreement advice start at £500.00 plus VAT, so please check your settlement agreement to ensure that you are covered for at least this amount.

If we feel as though your settlement agreement should be negotiated further to provide a more reasonable financial package or where there are wider implications of your employment ending, we will negotiate with your employer on your behalf to create a settlement agreement that best protects your interests. Wherever possible, we seek any additional costs to be covered by your employer.

Where several of your colleagues have also been offered a settlement agreement, perhaps as part of a redundancy process or company restructure, we can meet with you and your colleagues at your work premises and arrange back-to-back meetings, which provides greater bargaining strength and makes correspondence much more efficient with your employer.

We have considerable experience in acting as independent legal advisors to employees in large-scale settlement agreement situations such as large-scale redundancy exercises, re-organisations, TUPE scenarios where contracts have been lost, as well as business mergers and sales.

If you are unable to reach an agreeable settlement agreement with your employer, we have significant experience in finding the most cost-effective solution to resolve issues swiftly, be it through representation in conciliating, mediating, or defending or enforcing your claims in the Employment Tribunal or Civil Courts.

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