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Jamie Pearson leads our Data Analytics team, which supports our operations in Debt Services and Insurance Litigation by using powerful analytical tools and intuitive reporting.

His expertise in debt insights, predictive modelling, and credit risk strategies enables his team to provide a wealth of intelligence insights. This helps us and our client partners make informed strategic decisions about approaches to credit control and claims management.

In his leadership of the Data Analytics team, Jamie applies advanced data science methodology to target our strategies, improve efficiency, and ultimately provide a better experience for the clients.

Jamie has held a range of senior analyst positions, including the senior credit analyst and data scientist role at E.ON. He has also worked for the debt industry’s leading provider of data, technology and advisory services, TDX Group.

Throughout his career he has overseen the full spectrum of debt recovery strategies, from acquisition and credit risk management, to live collections, to end of life warehouse recoveries. His sector expertise includes telecoms, financial services, and utilities in both consumer and commercial markets.

Jamie Pearson
Data Analytics Manager
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