We provide the complete commercial debt recovery service; from outsourced early arrears collections through to expert litigation, all handled in-house by a multi-award-winning law firm.


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Niall joined Flint Bishop in July 2022 and leads the firm’s Debt Services division.

As a highly experienced executive director and transformation specialist, Niall has a proven track record in disrupting legacy thinking, defining strategy and embedding high performance growth frameworks.

He works to further develop our operating model and operational resilience to deal with increased demand whilst continuing to exceed clients’ expectations. Additionally, he leads the way in pioneering new services for us to offer to our clients. This enables us to ensure we work innovatively on current and forecasted challenges, forging opportunities in new market sectors and with new clients.

In a career that has seen him amass 30 years of experience within the debt recovery industry, Niall’s most recent role was as a founding director of Irwin Mitchell’s specialist debt recovery business, Ascent. His position as CEO involved leading over 200 employees in delivering outsourced credit management and litigation services to some of the UK’s leading financial institutions.

Prior to Irwin Mitchell, Niall held senior roles within companies such as PRA Group, Provident Financial, EOS Solutions and Lloyds Banking Group.

In addition to strategic leadership, Niall has a wealth of experience within regulatory responsibility, particularly with regards to the Financial Conduct Authority and the Solicitors Regulation Authority. He also regularly features as a Credit 500 member, which is recognition of the UK’s leading influencers in credit management industry.

Niall Gilhooley
Head of Debt Services
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