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Gain the qualification you need to apply for your personal licence in Scotland to advance your career prospects within the licensed retail sector.

This one day course is suitable for anyone who works in a role which requires them to authorise the sale of alcohol to the public as per the legal requirements, including those hired as designated premises supervisors, managers, supervisors and staff in training or seeking promotion to any of these positions.

The qualification is awarded by BIIAB and scheduled SCPLH Personal licence courses take place nationwide throughout the year. Please select your preferred course location and date below.

Personal licence courses take place nationwide throughout the year. Please select your preferred course location and date below.

Course content

This training course will provide you with a clear understanding of the framework of law and regulation that underpins the responsibilities of the personal licence holder. This will include:

  • The context of the licensing policy
  • An overview of the licensing function
  • Key roles as a licence holder
  • Licences and operating conditions
  • How to protect children from harm in your licensed premises
  • Staff training requirements
  • The law associated with holding a personal licence
  • The effects of alcohol
  • The effects of illegal drugs
  • Your social responsibility as a licence holder
  • Community links as a licence holder

At the end of the training session, you will undergo a multiple choice question-based examination. You must achieve a minimum of 28 out of 40 to pass and obtain your qualification certificate.

The cost for this course is £150.00 plus VAT, which includes course materials and exam fees.

In Scotland, licensing law and regulation requires personal licence holders to complete refresher training within five years of the issue date of their licence and also to Renew their licence every 10 years.

In order to refresh your personal licence, you must provide evidence of completing your refresher training to your licensing board which issued your personal licence no later than three months after the five year anniversary deadline. This is done by sending your certificate and original personal licence to the board in order for them to update your training record.

In order to renew your personal licence, you must undertake the same refresher qualification as per your five-year requirement and apply to your licensing authority no later than three months before the expiry date of your licence. This is done by sending your refresher certificate, completed application form, original personal licence and a £50.00 fee to the licensing board who originally issued the licence.

The deadline to undertake training and submit your application (and associated documents) to your issuing board for licence holders whose licence was issued in 2009 or previous is Friday 31 May 2019.

The SCPLH-R course is taken as an online module which can be completed in your own time, with the exam taking place at a training venue on a date of your choice.

Course content

  • The policy context
  • An overview of licensing functions
  • Conduct and responsible operation of licensed premises
  • Best practice in regards to alcohol, drugs and disorderly conduct

The cost for this course is £100.00 plus VAT, which includes an online course module and exam fees.

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