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How to spot legacy fraud and what to do

The Legacy Trends 2019 report shows that legacy income has reached a new milestone, now worth over £3bn. However, charities in the UK are believd to lose more than £40m in legacy fraud each year.

Legacy fraud may have transpired when money or assets bequeathed to a charity in a will has not reached its intended recipient. This can occur in a number of situations and could involve the executor of a will, the family members of hte deceased or even a charity staff member or volunteer. Being aware of the risks will place you and your team in a goo dpotsition to prevent fraud affecting your charity.

Our free guide to dealing with legacy fraud provides clear, step-by-step support for you and your team to remain vigilant whilst protecting the income and integrity of your charity.

This guide will cover:

  • Measures you can take to safeguard against legacy fraud
  • The importance of having professional executors in place
  • Controls against fraud from charity workers
  • The communications you should have with other beneficiaries
  • Action you should take if you suspect legacy fraud

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