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How to serve a Section 21 eviction notice

To try and make things as easy as possible with Section 21 notice compliance, we have created this useful checklist.

When you serve the notice, it is important to gather information relating to:

  • the deposit;
  • the condition of the property;
  • required documents for the tenant; and
  • the timescales of the tenancy.

All of the above are included within this checklist, which will ensure you do not miss anything you may require.

If the tenant does not vacate the property by the date specified in the Section 21 notice, you may wish to apply for an accelerated possession order. This checklist sets out the main compliance issues the court will be looking for in an accelerated possession claim, so using this list will help to prevent problems further down the line.

This checklist is designed to be used for assured shorthold tenancies where the property is located in England, and is not a house of multiple occupation or required to be licensed under part 3 of the Housing Act.

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