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With an annual turnover of around £45m, TRAD is among the largest privately-owned scaffolding groups in the UK.

TRAD Group’s contracting operations are focused on London and the South East, but the firm supplies access and scaffolding equipment through a national network of branches.

As a result, it is an ideal acquisition for Altrad Group, which specialises in the manufacturing and sales of scaffolding, cement mixers and wheelbarrows and provides additional contracting services in the scaffolding sector.

Our Corporate & Finance team advised Altrad on acquiring TRAD Group. Martyn Brierley, who leads the team, commented on the business acquisition:

“As Altrad Group’s legal advisers, we carried out detailed due diligence and negotiated the purchase documentation.  We managed this complex transaction, involving some 200 documents, for the acquisition of two separate groups with diverse shareholdings, trust and inter-company structures. TRAD is the fourth acquisition on which we have advised Altrad on as part of its continued consolidation plan in the UK. By acquiring Belle group, NSG, Generation Hire & Sales, MTD Scaffolding and now TRAD they have significantly extended the range and availability of their products and services and become one of the largest suppliers in the industry.”

Altrad Belle UK’s managing director, Ray Neilson, added:

“This acquisition forms part of the bigger plan to provide the UK market with products and services from Altrad, which now owns more than 80 subsidiary companies. Flint Bishop’s Corporate & Finance team were excellent, nothing was too much trouble and they were always available to work as a vital and integral part of the Altrad acquisition team. We look forward to working together in the future and highly recommend Flint Bishop’s services to others.”



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