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Under the Licensing Act 2003, licensed businesses are required to prevent their operations from contributing to nuisance noise that can disturb and irritate members of the public. One source of noise can be customers and patrons inside or outside the premises, particularly those who have consumed alcohol.

To help prevent this problem, we have created a sign for you to download, print and display in your premises, which asks guests to be aware of their noise and to not shout or sing loudly. We would recommend placing this in beer gardens and smoking areas, which are often the sources of complaints of raised voices. You may also wish to laminate it or put it inside a frame. The sign should be placed where it can be easily seen by both sitting and standing guests.

This sign should not only help to encourage good behaviour from your customers, but it also demonstrates an effort on your part to combat nuisance noise, which should help your position in the event of a claim against your premises licence.



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