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Glass collection best practices form a vital part of ensuring your licensed premises is a safe and enjoyable environment for all your patrons and your staff.

Glass can be an easily available improvised weapon in licensed premises. A risk-based approach should always be taken. The vast majority of pubs are well run and have no major problems with disorder but a small minority of people resort to violence and instigate attacks using the nearest weapon to hand which may be a glass or bottle (but, as noted above, more likely to be unarmed).

Consideration in the risk assessment should be given to adopting the below, especially in late-night venues. Glass litter can also cause injury to customers and the below can tackle this:

  • Frequent collection of glasses/bottles
  • Bottle banks in consumption areas
  • Toughened glass
  • Glass alternatives – some/ all areas, some /all hours (delete as applicable)
  • Glass alternatives for outdoor areas
  • Glass alternatives for special events
  • Alternatives to glass bottles
  • Decant products in glass bottles



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