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For the purposes of the safety and security of your licensed organisation, and for the fulfilment of the objectives of the Licensing Act 2003, there are a series of actions that should be performed as standard procedure for opening and closing the premises.

While this list is not exhaustive for every organisation that undertakes licensable activities, it should cover most bases.

Actions for opening the premises

  • Unlock fire exits
  • Check all lights and emergency lights are working
  • Brief on-duty staff of any problems
  • Check all staff are wearing appropriate shoes for work
  • Check that all internal and external areas are clean
  • Check that CCTV is operational and accessible to relevant staff
  • Check that hot and cold water are available at wash basins, with sufficient stock of soap and hand drying facilities
  • Check that toilets are clean and appropriately stocked
  • Check that first aid kids are stocked up
  • Check that the correct fire extinguishers are all in their appropriate places
  • If applicable, check that your Pub Watch radio system is working
  • Check that door supervisors are signed in
  • Check that all tables stools and other furniture are undamaged and safe to use

Actions for closing the premises

  • Check all areas to ensure no customers are still present (including toilets)
  • Check all internal and external areas are clean
  • Check that logs are completed for refusal of alcohol sales and incident reports
  • Check cash is locked in the safe (where appropriate)
  • Debrief staff on any issues highlighted during the shift
  • Secure all doors and windows, including fire escapes
  • Ensure all staff have departed before locking up
  • Check the alarm system is switched on

If you would like all of the above in a handy checklist to fill in for each shift, fill in the form above to download a free copy.



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