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In the event of a violent incident at your licensed premises, it is important to record the details of what happened as soon as possible.

Such incidents may involve injuries, have participants flee from the scene, or result in fatalities. Should the police, licensing authorities or insurers need to investigate, it will be easier to provide the information from a log sheet than from memory, as important small details may be forgotten.

We have outlined below a list of details that you consider logging as part  of your violent incident report form:

Details of a violent incident

  • Date and time
  • The details of the person reporting the incident
  • The details of any employees involved in the incident
  • Activity at the time the incident began
  • Description of what happened
  • Where it happened
  • The outcome of the incident, including action taken or impact on the business
  • Relevant events which preceded the incident
  • Details of witnesses

Details of offenders

  • Sex, race and age
  • Estimated height, weight and build
  • Glasses, facial hair, tattoos or other identifiable markings
  • Eyes and hair
  • Clothing
  • What was said? (Including any distinguishing accent/features)
  • Vehicle description and registration number

To be prepared to record this information, keeping a log sheet with the criteria already set out can be a great help to ensure nothing is forgotten.

In particular, it may be useful to have this log sheet ahead of hosting any special events, such as large parties or sports nights.

Download your copy of our log sheet template by filling in the form above.



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