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If the police were to visit your licensed premises, there are a series of notices, documents and security measures they may expect you to have in place.

The following items may be required in the event of an incident or a breach of licensing regulations at the premises:

  • Premises Licence or Club Premises Certificate SUMMARY displayed in view of the public
  • Full Licence Certificate and operating schedule available on request
  • Whether the conditions on the licence are in force
  • List of staff members authorised to sell alcohol
  • Personal Licence Holder’s ID card available (Other staff should know where this is)
  • CCTV in operation and accessible (With tapes/discs kept for at least 30 days)
  • ID and refusals for entry log-book available
  • ID and refusals for sale of alcohol log-book available
  • Evidence of proof of age scheme in place (e.g. ‘Challenge 25’)
  • Member of ‘Pub Watch’?
  • Door Supervisors’ signing in book
  • Door Supervisors’ badge numbers
  • Staff training records (Signed and dated by staff)
  • Evidence of ‘Zero Tolerance of Drugs’ policy

You should check regularly that all these items continue to be maintained, and keep a checklist to ensure nothing has been forgotten.

You may find it useful to have a templated sheet ready to fill in with this information. For this purpose, we have provided a free downloadable checklist. Fill in the form above to receive your copy.



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