We provide the complete commercial debt recovery service; from outsourced early arrears collections through to expert litigation, all handled in-house by a multi-award-winning law firm.


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Flint Bishop Costs Team

Led by Head of Costs, Daniel Askew, our highly experienced team of legal experts is committed to providing a professional and personalised law costs service to clients across the UK.

We take pride in nurturing talent from within the firm and attracting accomplished and seasoned professionals from elsewhere in the industry to become valued members of our team. We are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive, reliable and efficient legal costs service, fully recognising the significance of achieving a favourable outcome in each case.

We are unwavering in our commitment to serving both receiving and paying parties. In cases involving receiving parties, we collaborate closely to maximise their recovery. In the context of paying party litigation, our track record is well-established in consistently reducing the annual expenditures of our insurer and local authority clients by millions of pounds.

Our accomplished team offers a fully comprehensive law costs service, encompassing the preparation of schedules of costs, cost budgets, and formal bills of costs across various legal contexts, including fast-track, multi-track, complex, and group litigation.

With extensive expertise in preparing both points of dispute and replies, we also boast a dedicated team of skilled costs advocates who consistently excel in representing our clients at cost management conferences, cost mediation sessions, and detailed assessments.

Expert costs drafting

Bills of costs
Schedules of costs
Points of dispute
Replies to points of dispute
Precedent H
Precedent R
Precedent T
Part 8 proceedings
Applications for provisional or detailed assessment;
Costs orders

Value-added costs management

Preparation of costs budget
Budget negotiations
Attending costs & case management conferences (CCMC) hearings
Cost budget revision (Precedent T)
Advocacy throughout
Management information (MI) reporting

Receiving party costs litigation

Cost estimates & schedules
Bill of costs
Points of dispute/replies
Assessment hearings

Paying party costs litigation

Designing targeted strategies against claimant solicitors
Conduct detailed assessments,
Representation at CCMCs
Provide regular updates on claimant trends through frontline litigation

Daniel Askew
Senior Associate & Head of Costs
01332 226 112 Email Daniel Askew Connect with Daniel Askew

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