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We have partnered with the Freedom and Autonomy for Schools: National Association (FASNA) to provide bespoke legal advice to schools and singular academies that are merging into Multi Academy Trusts or similar format multi-academy models.

As part of this partnership, John Walker will be discussing the legal structures for academisation and how this should be approached. He comments on his involvement with Multi Academy Trusts;

As a solicitor who has specialised in education for nearly 2 decades, I understand the need for practical and pragmatic advice for schools. Legal advice soon becomes expensive. Sometimes, all you need is a short phone call to confirm that you’re on the right track.

It might be training for one or a group of schools in the local area to make sure you understand the new regulations and requirements. Disputes arise in school, between staff, with parents and, at other times,  within the governing body with external third parties. Advice about managing those complaints and proper investigation exploring ways to resolve them with a neutral third party can make all of the difference.

The future of schooling seems to be that of schools collaborating in ‘hard federations’. External pressures, including the ability to provide and finance a relevant curriculum and difficulties around recruitment and retention of staff, are encouraging schools to explore the challenges and opportunities of conversion, joining, forming, or enlarging a MAT.”

Attendees to the forums will include Chief Executive Officers, Headteachers, Senior Leaders, Finance Directors, School Business Managers, Governors and Trustees of schools/academies from across the East Midlands.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to speak to key professionals in the education industry and provide tailored legal support to enable the efficient academisation of schools.



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