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Businesses that sell alcohol or tobacco are required by law to display certain notices within their premises to ensure that customers and potential customers are aware of the policies in force.

These are the notices you should display where applicable:

Premises licence summary

This should be prominently displayed together with a notice advising who has control of the premises licence (usually the designated premises supervisor).

Small measure notice

Customers should be made aware of the availability of half pints of beer or cider, that wine is available in 125ml glasses and that spirits are sold either in 25ml or 35ml single measures  (never both).

Download a free small measures notice here.

Smoking notice

You must display in a prominent position an A3 size notice stating that it is illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone under the age of 18. You should also have at least one ‘no smoking’ sign displayed.

CCTV notice

Signs need to be displayed letting customers know they are in an area covered by CCTV. The sign should be visible and legible to members of the public and contain details of who operates the system, the purpose for using the CCTV, and who to contact about it.

Company details notice

If the pub is run by a trading company then you must display the registered name at the location where it carries on its business, the notice needs to be legible and displayed where it can be easily seen.


Menus should include all material information which a customer needs to make an informed choice, including a description of the name, brand of the drink, the alcoholic strength, and price (inclusive of VAT).

Other signage required as a condition on the licence

Each licence will vary, but frequently a licence requires premises to operate a Challenge 21 or Challenge 25 age verification policy and will require that Challenge notices are on display in the premises.

Often conditions also require there to be notices advising customers to leave premises quietly.

If your licence requires a policy to search the bags or clothes of visitors upon arrival for the purposes of security, you will also need a notice to inform them of this.

Please note that this information is for general guidance only and should not substitute professional legal advice. If you have specific concerns, we recommend consulting one of our legal experts.




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