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What is name-blind recruitment?

The push for name-blind recruitment has been gathering real momentum over the last 6 months.

It has now received significant media attention following David Cameron’s launch of it on 26 October 2015.

What is name-blind recruitment?

Under name-blind recruitment, employers will remove names, gender and any other personal details including hobbies and interests, which may give away candidates identity, when selecting for an interview in an effort to eliminate bias against minorities.

Employers will then have to choose candidates for interview based purely on their work history and potential.

Why has name-blind recruitment become a trend?

Whether we like it or not, bias is still prevalent in business today despite a huge drive for diversity and equal opportunity over the last 20 years.

It is hoped by the government that the practice of name-blind recruitment will spread further across the United Kingdom and eliminate the unconscious bias which can discriminate against people at the very outset of the process.

Who has signed up to do name-blind recruitment?

Some of those high-profile organisations that have signed up include:

the NHS, BBC, HSBC, Virgin Money and Deloitte.

Will name-blind recruitment work?

It is still early days but with such high-profile backing, it is certainly going to get sufficient testing.

There is always a counter argument and this is no exception.  Some employers believe it will have a negative effect and will actually prove detrimental to an employer.

A lot of organisations operate a recruitment process based on how well the individual will fit into the organisation’s culture and personal details can help an employer determine how well an individual will fit into the team.

What does this mean for me?

It is not currently mandatory, so it is important to decide whether it is right for you as an employer.  However, it certainly gives you something to consider as an option.

If your current recruitment process works well, then why change it.

However, it is important to get a diverse working unit which reassembles that of the British culture and if your current process is not doing this, why not try name-blind recruitment?

If you want any advice in relation to a name-blind implementation or any other HR related issues please contact our Employment & HR team on 01332 227 595 for a confidential chat.

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