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The rules on collecting contact details have changed.

Previously, one person was allowed to provide details on behalf of a whole group. However, venues must now ensure that all visitors check in not just one per group.

Individuals can do this by ‘checking in’ via the NHS COVID-19 app or by providing their name and contact details (telephone number, email or postal address) upon arrival.

The date and time of entry must also be recorded. If you can, you should also record the departure time, although this is not required by law.

Anybody not complying must be refused entry.

Hospitality venues are legally required to display an official NHS QR code poster. Updated posters are being issued and you may have received an email giving you link to download the new poster. Alternatively, you can download it here.

If individuals have chosen to physically check-in by providing their contact details, the records must be kept for 21 days before being securely disposed of or deleted.

Finally, you should also keep records (including contact details) of all staff on the premises and their shift times.

A full copy of the updated guidance can be found here.



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