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Council or Police officers can prosecute persons for any of these offences. Cases can be dealt with by way of a formal caution or in the Magistrates Court. The Court may also order the forfeiture of a Personal Licence, or suspend it for up to six months. If you are convicted of an offence, the Police may also raise objections to you holding a Personal Licence, and the Council can hold a hearing to consider whether your Personal Licence should be revoked.

Offence Person who commits
the offence
Defence to the charge Maximum penalty
Obstructing an authorised officer from entering the premises to assess the impact on the crime prevention objective Any person Have to prove intent to commit the offence
Failing to display the Temporary Event Notice, or keep it at the premises in the custody of the Premises User, or of his nominee
(either of whom must be present) – the notice of nomination must be displayed
Premises User Reasonable excuse £500.00


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