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From Thursday 24 September, the NHS (COVID-19) app will launch across the UK, where visitors will be asked by venues to scan a QR code when they arrive to support the government Coronavirus (COVID-19) track and trace scheme.

The idea is that anybody entering a pub (for example) would use their smartphone to scan the QR code with their camera and complete the requested contact details to comply with the regulations.

If customers don’t have a smartphone or would prefer not to submit their details online, they should provide a hard copy of their name, telephone number (or email address/postal address) and the date and time of entry.

If attending in a group (which in most circumstances should not be a group of not more than six) one person can provide their details, although they must also stipulate the number of people in the group. Any member of the group who has scanned the QR code does not need to provide their details again.

There is no requirement to collect details for anybody under the age of 16 or anybody who may not be able to provide details for example because of a mental, physical or other bona fide health reason.

Any person who refuses to provide complete details or you have reason to believe has not provided correct details should be refused entry.

The information should be retained for 21 days and should be securely disposed of after that in compliance with data protection legislation.

Records should be handed over to a public health officer or anybody else required by the Secretary of State if requested.

There are penalties for failure to comply with the regulations. A fixed penalty of £1,000 (reduced to £500 if paid within 14 days) can be levied. These increase with any subsequent transgression.

These regulations apply to members of staff and visitors to premises, except for police officers, emergency responders and people making deliveries.

Where a visiting individual is only likely to come into contact with one member of staff, then the details of the name of the individual visiting and the member of staff should be taken (unless the QR code was used).

The full regulations can be found here.

If you require more information on how to create a coronavirus NHS QR code for your venue, click here.

Please note, the information included in this update is correct at the date of publishing.



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